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Tanner Prayer Update December 2017

Dear Family & Friends,

We have much to Thank God for!  Thank you AGAIN for your effective prayers!  Please keep praying!…

Praise God for an effective “Theology in Farming” seminar for our Kilimo Timilifu staff, 1st intern family and coastal pastors! The coastal pastors, who heard some of the concepts and principals taught for the very first time, especially felt deeply encouraged and equipped with an effective tool to bridge the gospel through farming in the Swahili communities they are trying to reach!  Now pray they would diligently apply these principals and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as they go to the Swahili!

Praise God for a timely, effective marriage seminar hosted by our local church which was attended by both the single and married!  At the closing of the seminar day, a local young believer couple chose that time to confess and repent before the body of Christ for sin they had entered into.  This is radically opposite of the Swahili culture they come from!  The following Sunday they announced before their loving church family their desire to be married in a covenant before God and with their Church family as witnesses!  Praise God for the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the loving body of Christ who is helping them to now plan their wedding!  Pray their wedding and marriage will be a vivid witness to the Swahili of Christ’s redeeming love for the church!

Praise God for the salvation of a man who came to church to seek healing!  He had limped into our marriage seminar the day before and then returned the next day for our church service to ask for healing prayer for his crippled foot.  After the church finished praying for him, he said he also wanted to give his life to Jesus – so right then and there the body led him in a prayer of repentance and acceptance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Praise God!  Please continue to pray for his physical healing and for the church to lovingly enfold our newest member into the body.

Praise God that the body of Christ boldly displayed their generous unity in committing all the funds needed to send Ndugu S, a fairly new believer, to a carpentry & discipleship training school.  He desires to grow in his faith and be trained in this skill so he can return to our village able support himself and bear Christ’s witness to his neighbors through this vocation.  Pray the Lord would meet Ndugu S’ needs.
Praise God for opportunities to share Christ’s witness with Mama N!  She is not only a dear friend, but a strong local leader among the women of our village.  She seems entirely content with her many good works which she believes bring her favor from Xllxh.  The other day she came by for a usual visit and God opened wide the door to share the gospel of Grace with her again.  She asked about KT’s road and reservoir project that will benefit not only Kilimo Timilifu, but also many people in our village.  I shared with her how I was praising God for answering our prayers to hold back the predicted rains which were unseasonably pouring down in all the areas around us so that we could complete the project in good time without additional delayed equipment expense.  I told her, “Since we know that all the funds that we have are truly the Lord’s and He has entrusted us to steward them, we have to trust Him that if there are costly delays to the project because of the massive rain, He will continue to provide what we need.”  She looked a bit startled and said, “Yes.  Yes.  Wow!  Truly we all knew it would rain, but it hasn’t.  Now I know why.  God hears your prayers because you are a good person!”  I said,  “No!  Mama N!  I am a sinner! But my Savior Jesus is the Son of God who took away my sins, the sins of the world through His sacrifice of his body & blood on the cross!  I am made Holy and now have a relationship with God Almighty because of my faith in Jesus!  He is what makes me holy and good so that I can go to God for all my needs.  God hears the prayers of all who trust in Jesus!”  She listened thoughtfully.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw her and her respected Swahili family to Christ!  Pray for more opportunities like this to share the gospel with our dear neighbors!

KT will be hosting a Christmas party to thank God for his awesome enablement and provision for KT throughout this past year.  We will have a traditional feast followed by the Jesus film.  Some of our local crew have come to faith directly and indirectly in the past 2 years through the ministry of KT and others are searching.  We see this party as another opportunity to openly celebrate and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all their families.  Please pray the Lord will miraculously move to glorify himself in and through this celebration.  Before this, the only attempt to ever show the Jesus film in our village – resulted in the stoning of the equipment and the missionaries being chased out of the village.  Never before have Christians been able to serve long term in this village and we are thankful for the open door God has given us the past 3 years!

Praise God for the provision of a Home Assignment vehicle through Tim’s sister and brother-in-law!  They are sacrificially lending us their family minivan to get us around America May-August 2018!  We are still finalizing our schedule, so if you would like us to come share the vision of AIM & Kilimo Timilifu with your church or organization, please do contact us.  We look forward to seeing many of you on the road this spring/summer in Europe & N. America!

Teammates and A Chance to Give.

One of the things we have been so blessed by here at KT, has been God’s provision of amazing Tanzanian teammates.  We currently work with nine different Tanzanian Believers most of whom have re-located, from other areas of Tanzania, to work with KT.  And believe me, Mchinga is not an easy place to live and work…even for a Tanzanian.  Most Tanzanians coming from other areas of the country would never think of moving here.  But each one of our teammates has a vision for spreading the gospel among this un-reached area and for that reason they have come, agreeing to salaries that are lower than they deserve, because they believe in the mission and vision of equipping self-supporting missionaries to reach the Muslim coast of Tanzania and beyond.

Our Tanzanian teammates are paving the way for KT’s future interns.  They are using their vocations to live and work in this Mxslxm area, encouraging and growing the church, and spreading the love and message of Christ to our neighbors.  They are ‘BAM’ (business-as-mission) missionaries, and we want to introduce them to you. Click on these nice blue words to read their lovely bios.

And just because it is that time of year when mailboxes fill up with opportunities for end-of-the-year giving, we’d also like to ask if you might consider helping KT to pay our teammates’ salaries this year.  The average salary for each of these nine individuals is $2,112 for the year, or $177 for a month.

From its inception, KT’s goal has been to become nationally led.  We never guessed that God would make it happen so quickly!  We are thrilled, but we are also scrambling to figure out how to cover the cost of our staff salaries this year, especially for those individuals whose work can’t be directly billed to a project with funding coming from elsewhere.  The hope is that within the next few years, the oil seed pressing business that we have been developing will cover our operating costs, but for now, we need some help.

Please read the attached bio sheets (right here), and prayerfully consider being a part of the lives of these Tanzanian missionaries through your support of KT’s Admin Salaries.  This is not a sponsorship program, but we’d love to share staff prayer requests with you if you are interested, and you are always welcome to come visit us and get to know our teammates personally.  Feel free to print off the bio sheets and stick them on your fridge to remind you to pray for our teammates.  We know, first hand, the power of committed prayer warriors on the other side of the world!

We love you guys and we are thankful for you. 
Thank you for your prayers for us, for our neighbors in Mchinga, and for our teammates!

Merry Christmas!
Tim, Emily, Caleb & Imani Tanner

How to make tax deductible donations to Tim & Emily Tanner:
By mail: Write a check to “Africa Inland Mission Int”.  On a separate piece of paper make a note that this donation is for “Tim & Emily Tanner”.  Mail check and attached note to Africa Inland Mission, Attn.: Receipting Department, P.O. Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611.
Online: To give to the Tanners, go to Enter the amount and press the Give button and follow the rest of the simple instructions.

How to make tax deductible donations to Kilimo Timilifu:
Online: To give to Kilimo Timilifu go to select the country where you want your gift processed and follow the remaining on line directions.
By mail: Write a check to “Millennium Relief and Development Services” with attached note indicating the designation code of “KTTanzania.001” and mail it to 5233 Bellaire Blvd, Ste B-358, Bellaire, TX  77401