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Pastor’s Reflection – Mother’s Day, 2016

Beloved in Christ,

Grace to you, and Peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Welcome to worship!  A Happy Mother’s Day to you.  Most especially, of course, a Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers and all who have mothered us.

Today at worship we shall focus on the gifts mothers are to us.  That is not to say that our mothers are perfect but rather it is to acknowledge their sacrifice and help on our behalf.   We will celebrate a few of the mothers in the bible by lifting up the gifts they gave to their respective families and those around them.

While their gifts to us are certainly appreciated, today is a good day to consider our gifts to our mothers.  We must be thoughtful to make sure that the gifts we give our mothers is meaningful to them.  No doubt many mothers will receive flowers and cards today from their loved ones.  It is a fine gesture, but could something else be more meaningful?  Perhaps the gift of spending some quality time with the family might be better.  Maybe verbally acknowledging what our mothers mean to us and letting them know how much we appreciate all they have done for us would be uplifting.  What about a backrub or a gift certificate for stress-relieving massages and the like?  Some of our mothers could use help just getting things done around the house.  Ask them what would be helpful.  Remember the gift is for them, not us.  It must be meaningful to them. 

Some husbands will rush out today and buy cards and chocolate for their children’s mother.  In the end, though, I’m convinced that the best gift we can give to our wives on this mother’s day is to love them well in ways they find meaningful.  Such gifts keep on giving. It will be returned to us many times over, to say nothing of the security it gives our children to know that their parents love each other.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…  (Ephesians 5: 25).  May every child, regardless of their age, rise and bless their mother.

Happy Mother’s Day,

K.O. Noonoo

Pastor’s Reflection – May 1st, 2016

Beloved in Christ,

Welcome to The Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg.  It is good to have you here on the sixth Sunday after Easter. The celebration continues.  Christ Is Risen!!  Christ Is Risen Indeed!!

We continue our study of the Gospel according to St. Luke, focusing today on Luke chapter 5, verses 12-16 (Luke 5: 12-16).  You will find this reading in the New Testament of the Bible.  I invite you to take some time and read this passage.

The story is about Jesus healing a man who was very sick with a serious skin condition.  I want to draw your attention to a particular act of Jesus.  Verse 16 tells us “Jesus often slipped away to be alone so he could pray” (New Century Version).  This, my friends, is the source of everything that Jesus did.  He took the time to attend to his relationship with his Heavenly Father and the bedrock of that relationship was prayer.

Despite all the demands on him, Jesus had a habit of prayer.  He did not wait to pray AFTER all were healed and taught.  No!!  He prayed when it was time. You see those who have a secret life of prayer also have an alive open channel with God in public.

How is your relationship with God?  God’s relationship with you is secure in Christ Jesus.  But how about your relationship with God.  Are you attending to it? Do you have a habit of private prayer that undergirds your public actions? Are you in the Scriptures regularly, hearing from God and communing with God?   Under your own steam you will not last very long.  Learn to wait on God.  Those who do renew their strength. How is your prayer life?

Let me invite you to check out the Pillars Prayer Group at Pitt Pres. The group meets at 9:00am on Sundays in the Golden Rule Room.  Please reach out to me if you want to take some steps forward in your prayer life. This is why I’m here. There is no shame in asking for help in prayer.  If I can’t help you, I will connect you to others who can.  “Apart from me”, says Jesus, “you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

Come, let us worship God.

K.O. Noonoo



Pastor’s Reflection for April 10, 2016

Conf at Session


Beloved Saints of God,

Welcome to worship.  It is good to have you here at Pittsburg Presbyterian Church.  This is an especially good day because we are receiving 14 children of this congregation into full membership.  Today they confirm the promises made on their behalf during their respective baptisms.  They are here to say, in their own words, what they believe.  They desire to be active members of this congregation and as a church we could not be happier. It is a good day in deed.


Another reason for our joy today is that we get to celebrate the ministry of Julie Bernhardt.   After years of ministry on staff here at Pitt Pres, Julie has taken another job and is no longer on staff here.  She has nurtured and tutored these confirmands, preparing them for today.  We owe Julie a debt of great gratitude for seeing this work through.  While she is no longer on staff, Julie continues to be active in this church’s ministry and mission.  The only difference is that Julie is no longer on staff.  We thank you for your ministry as a staff member, Julie.  We look forward to what good works God has ordained for us to do together yet (Ephesians 2:10).

This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I invite you to settle in for a meaningful time of worship.  Today’s sermon will be preached by our 14 confirmands through their respective statement of faith.  May their articulation of their faith inspire us all to think about how our faith shapes our lives.


Come, let us worship God,

K.O. Noonoo

April Column from The Rev. Susan Rosenbaum, Pastoral Presbyter of John Calvin Presbytery


Susan R2

April showers bring May flowers. That is a saying I heard growing up in Springfield, MO. I believe it was my parents way of telling me that rain is essential if we are to enjoy the beauty of this earth. This is a beautiful time of the year. I love the spring blossoms on trees and the flowers that sprout from our bulbs that we diligently plant in the fall. Spring makes me think about all the good things that happen in the midst of waiting. We plant our bulbs in the fall and wait over the winter to see the results. We plant flowering trees and anxiously await the beauty the will show once the weather begins to warm up. We plant seeds of faith in the hearts of friends, family and others and watch for signs of a growing relationship with God. As we notice spring unfolding all around us, I encourage you to also look for unfolding faith, not just in others, but in your own hearts as well. Unlike the flowers of spring, the beauty of a soul does not fade with time, but has the opportunity to be more beautiful as we strengthen our relationship with God. In the midst of the glory of spring, don’t forget to tend the gardens of your heart and the hearts of others by planting and nurturing seeds of faith and then enjoy the beauty of a well nourished soul.

Rev. Susan Rosenbaum

Pastoral Presbyter

John Calvin Presbytery

P.O. Box 787

Shell Knob, MO 65747

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Laura McCormack



My name is Laura McCormack. I am trying to serve as your church secretary. No one can replace Debra Bevins. I would like to thank all of you for your kindness I’ve already been shown during my attempt to transfer ALL of Debra’s knowledge from her brain to mine! I am so happy to be here.  My last position was working for Mosaic as the receptionist and I enjoyed that so much because they work with people with intellectual disabilities. I was so dismayed when I found out there was no room in the budget for me and I would no longer be able to support people who are doing God’s work on Earth. I interviewed with several companies and there was just not a fit. I was certain it was the “God Connection”. So…I prayed and worried..prayed..and worried..then when I felt it just wasn’t working, He took over! I am. Again I feel lucky to be supporting those that do God’s work!

For the personal side, I am Debra’s age (we won’t get into what that is!). In fact we were in the same graduating class just different schools. She went to Southeast High School and I went to PHS. I live in Frontenac and have 3 daughters, 3 sons in law and 6 grandsons, one of which lives with me, and 3 granddaughters. I love going to their basketball, volleyball and football games! Also living with me, are my two dogs Emma and Sissy..and my kitty named Stinkybob….

If I can be of any service to any of you , please don’t hesitate to let me know..!

Thank you again!

Laura McCormack

(I’m missing Debra too!!!!)