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Ash Wednesday Service TODAY at 6pm

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the 40 day period prior to Easter.   This year, you are invited to slow down and listen for the presence of God.  God is still speaking.  It all begins tonight at 6 pm in our sanctuary.

Worship Services at Pitt Pres are canceled for today, Feb. 11


Due to inclement weather, we will NOT have worship services today at Pitt Pres.  However, you are invited to join us on Facebook Live for a time of prayer, song and scripture study at 9:45am and 11:15am.

I hope you can log on and join in.


Stay warm and safe.


Worship on Dec. 31st is at 11:00am

Worship service on Dec. 31st, 2017 at will be at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary.

Roger McCune Preaching.  This will be a combined service.

Nursery and Children’s Church will be provided as well.

Pastoral Presbyter: September Newsletter Column

The next two months are exciting for John Calvin Presbytery. We will be having three presbytery wide events which are open to everyone. The first on is a continuing education event for everyone in the Presbytery. It is a six week online interactive series called “Worship Reboot” which will be taught by Dr. Marcia McFee. More information can be found on the website. Second, our International Peacemaker, Doug Baker, will be with us from September 22-28 and during that time, JCP will host a time with him on Saturday, September 23rd at 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Hillcrest Presbyterian Church in Springfield, MO. Third, Equipping the Saints with keynote speaker, Joan Gray, will be on October 21st at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Springfield, MO beginning at 8:45. This event offers many different workshops along with the plenaries with Joan. More information is also on the website. I would encourage you to participate in as many of these events as possible as we work to keep our connections strong in JCP.

Pastor Susan Rosenbaum

Rev. Susan Rosenbaum

News from the Ngumbu’s: special request for looming transitions

Dear friends,
In our last newsletter we talked about upcoming transitions in our housing and work situation here in Kinshasa.  As these transitions are coming up soon, it is time to start preparing for them.  To do that, we will be in the USA for most of the month of September.  Chloe had her visa appointment Monday, and she was granted another visa by the embassy so we are excited that we’ll be able to make this trip soon.  We leave on August 30.
The biggest challenge in this transition is that we need to buy a car and a household of furniture. We have been blessed to have use of these things over the last 18 month, but we will no longer have things things in a couple months.  We estimate that we will need about $20,000 to buy a car and a minimum amount of household furnishings and appliances.  Would you consider making a one time donation to our work in order to help us with these one time expenses? Even a small amount will help us reach our goal and make our transition easier.
Today we hosted a meeting of several partners to discuss the region around Mbandaka.  Several different groups had been working in Mbandaka, so we invited them all to our house for a meeting to discuss if we wanted to work together.
About six months ago, Wycliffe changed their financial policy so that instead of giving us whatever we received each month in donations (after taking out taxes and other things), if we received a large gift, our salary would be capped at the regular amount and the rest of it would go into a reserve account.  Just when this was implemented, we received a large gift that went into our reserve account.  This means that for the last six months we’ve been blessed to have the same pay check! This hasn’t happened in the last ten years, but it was wonderful to be able to gauge how much we really spend each month and how much we could budget for other things.
That means that if you’d like to make a donation to our car or other set-up costs, you can send it in to the usual place (information is in the sidebar), but you may want to also drop us a quick email to let us know how you’d like us to use it.
Thank you for helping us to end Bible poverty in DRC and central Africa!

-Rémy & Angi Ngumbu

Praise for:

  • Developing partnership with other missionaries here for orality projects
  • The Zimba project which is currently checking Mark

Prayer requests:

  • Congo Basin strategy meetings for Seed Company Sept 11-13
  • Travel mercies as all three of us fly to the US on August 30-31
  • Easy transition of our housing situation
  • Provision of a new car
Partner here!
+243 972 676 191 (Angi)

+243 812 281 166 (Rémy)

For financial gifts:
Wycliffe Bible Translators*
P.O. Box 628200
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*With a note: “With preference for the
ministry of Rémy & Angi Ngumbu.”

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John Calvin Presbytery May Newsletter

Stewardship is one of those staples of the church. It is also one of those things that is approached differently in every church, but the basics are the same. This important issue will be the focus of our Presbytery Meeting on May 18th in Shell Knob, MO. Our Guest Speaker will be The Rev. Charles Spencer, the Executive Presbyter in Heartland Presbytery. Rev. Spencer has worked in churches of various sizes, has worked with stewardship at the denominational level and facilitated and presented at the recent Stewardship Conference in Kansas City. He will be preaching at the morning worship service and be giving a presentation for our educational time. It promises to be informative and inspiring.

Also, for the first time at a Presbytery meeting, we will have our newly purchased portable labyrinth set up for use during the meeting. This will give you the opportunity to have a quiet time of prayer in the midst of our busy day. There will also be a couple of resources on Praying the Labyrinth and Living the Labyrinth by Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion for use as you walk the labyrinth.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Everyone is invited to attend.

Pastor Susan

Rev. Susan Rosenbaum

April Newsletter from Rev. Susan Rosenbaum

One of the things about being Presbyterian that I love is our connectionalism. From the local congregation to congregations around the world, I believe our connectionalism helps us better understand one another in different contexts. A part of that connectionalism is our representative government. We elect people to represent our congregations at the higher levels of our government. We elect commissioners to go to Synod Assemblies for the Synod of Mid America and to General Assemblies for the PC(USA). I mention this because it is time to begin applications for commissioners to GA. The General Assembly will take place in St. Louis, Mo in 2018. We heard a report from the Committee on Local Arrangements for this assembly at our last Presbytery meeting. This is as close as it has been to us in a very long time so we will have opportunities to serve in ways that we normally do not have. We can volunteer to help at the assembly or, you might want to become more involved by being a commissioner. John Calvin is allowed to send two commissioners and one Young Adult Advisory Delegate. The commissioners next year, according to our alternating process, are to be a female ruling elder and a male teaching elder. If you would like to serve as a commissioner, please fill out the application (found on the website) and send it to JCP, PO Box 787, Shell Knob, MO by August 15, 2017. General Council will be reviewing those applications and recommending commissioners for election at the November Presbytery meeting. I am hoping we have many applications and many volunteers who want to serve at this assembly. The connectionalism at these meetings is wonderful.

Pastor Susan.

Rev. Susan Rosenbaum